Star Wars Rebels Sabers

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Rebel Sabers

Looking for the thin blade lightsabers replicas, we see in "Rebels." at affordable rates? You are in the right place. The lightsabers in Rebels were quite unique from other series of Star Wars lightsabers and quite difficult to find one in the market. Zia Sabers provides you with the real Rebel Sabers, including lightsabers at our custom Saber shop.

Customizable Rebel Sabers

The Rebel series' long and thin-bladed built-in lightsabers can be found at the Zia Sabers store. However, you also have the option to customize them to your taste. Imagine Darth Vader's red blade emitting from Ezra Bridger's hilt. Yes! That is possible at our store. You can also 12 preset colors with our Neopixel lightsabers with tons of lightsabers effects.

FAQs about Rebel Sabers

Rebel Saber is a category of lightsabers at Zia Sabers that includes all the unique and thin-bladed lightsabers we watched in "Star Wars: Rebels."

The art that is used in Rebels is unique from other series'. For more details, you can read it here Why are lightsabers so thin in rebels. If you want a skinny lightsaber, just scroll up and select one.

The rebels sabers you get at Zia Sabers do come with a blade with many other accessories.

At Zia Sabers, you get all the lightsabers with charging slots on them. You get a fast charger with it for free. Just fast charge your lightsaber like you fast charge your phone. It is that simple.

The Rebels sabers you get at Zia Sabers are of the best quality lightsabers with the Aluminium hilt and Polycarbonate blade.