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    Red Lightsaber

    When you purchase a custom lightsaber from ZIA Sabers, you get to choose from infinite color possibilities for your blade. You could go with a standard blue or green blade as used by most Jedi, or you may find a more unique color fits your particular relationship with the Force. We at ZIA do not discriminate against different kinds of Force-users, so it is possible to use a red blade color if you have truly embraced the dark side of the Force.

    What A Custom Red Lightsaber Means

    Only true Sith wield red lightsabers. The Kyber crystal that a young Jedi or Sith finds will resonate with their connection to the force, emanating a color that reflects this. Long ago, the Jedi had control over the planet Ilum where Kyber crystals could be found, and Sith who needed lightsabers were forced to create synthetic crystals.

    A young Sith would sit in a furnace with the synthetic crystal, going deep into a meditation where they would imbue that crystal with the pain and anguish they were feeling. Immense power would be forced into the crystal, sometimes causing it to crack. This unwavering dedication to the dark side of the Force would result in a Lightsaber with Red Blade.

    If you want to know if a red lightsaber is right for you, you must first meditate and seek answers from the Force. Do not wait for a mystical voice to answer your question, but rather look within yourself. Ask yourself what kind of power you seek. If you seek power to aid your loved ones and liberate the universe, red may not be for you. However, if you seek power to defeat all others and accomplish your personal goals, you may be a Sith.

    While some lightsabers through the ages have been more powerful than others, the true measure of a weapon's power is the skill of its user. Count Dooku, revered as one of the most skilled lightsaber duelists to have ever lived, used a blade with a curved hilt to compliment his efficient style and use of Form 2. This same curved hilt would have thrown off a normal duelist not trained in its proper use.

    If you have chosen a red lightsaber blade, that means you have devoted yourself to the dark side of the Force. To make the most of this new power, you must channel your emotions and your passions. In particular, rage, fear, and uncompromising desire will fuel your relentless onslaught.

    ZIA Sabers are all forged with strong polycarbonate blades that light up when they clash. They are perfect for dueling.

    In very rare instances, Dark Jedi have been redeemed. The most well-known example of this is Darth Vader. If you eventually return to the light side, your Red Lightsaber may change its color