Retractable lightsaber

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Retractable Lightsaber

Most of the lightsabers we see out there are non-retractable. The problem is solved as Zia Sabers brought the retractable lightsabers to their online store. These are combat-ready dueling lightsabers and have all the other advanced lightsabers’ features at Zia Sabers have.

Customizable Retractable Lightsaber.

The customizable feature of these retractable lightsabers makes them worth a try. You can get custom retractable lightsabers exactly like a double-bladed lightsaber or any other type. Plus, the RGB colors, LEDs, and premium Sound effects gives you a real lightsaber duel feel.

FAQs about Retractable lightsaber

Real retractable lightsaber needs a 7000 C°+ plasma blade which is extremely dangerous to play around with. Retractable lightsabers at Zia Sabers are perfectly safe lightsaber replicas and feel very real.

An illuminated blade uncoils itself from the emitter of the hilt just by pushing a button on the hilt.

Disney does not provide the retractable lightsaber for sale. Instead, you can buy Zia Saber’s retractable lightsabers that are high-quality and cheap, unlike Disney.