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    RGB Lightsaber

    Lightsabers are vastly used these days for collections, costume parties, and photography, at comic conventions, video games, special occasions, and combat and recreational events. Even with the wide array of emerging lightsabers today, RGB sabers is most known for saber dueling. RGB sabers, also known as Base Lit sabers are simple, durable, light, and are perfect for kids, beginners, and duelers. RGB sabers bring so many features at the most affordable price. These are your primary weapons to enter the saber world!


    Get Ready For Combat With ZIA Sabers RGB Sabers

    RGB lightsaber is suitable for heavy dueling and the most commonly used saber for dueling and sparring. It uses a tough, durable, standard polycarbonate blade and does not have Neopixel LED strips inside it that can be damaged by multiple heavy blows. The RGB lightsabers are simple and light and give you all the flexibility for hand and saber maneuvers. Another great thing about RGB sabers is that they are really easy to use. It has a single-button setup. The functions, color, and sound effects are controlled by the switch button. If you are looking at purchasing one of our lightsabers that can handle hard impact for combat, the best option is our RGB sabers.

    FAQs about RGB Lightsabers

    The RGB saber uses Base Lit or In-Hilt LED technology. The light is produced from the hilt or the base and illuminated throughout the blade. An RGB soundboard is equipped with an LED module and uses a high-powered LED to produce strong bright lights. This has multiple-LED color options and uses Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) together to create an infinite blade color.

    RGB saber has similar preset sound fonts with Neopixel sabers. They both run the same sound fonts. The ZIA Sabers RGB comes pre-loaded with 9 and 10 sound fonts (depending on the model), however, it is not customizable.

    RGB saber features a full color-cycle mode in which all colors are displayed simultaneously. In a color-changing mode of an RGB saber, it will cycle through all the colors that you can choose, and once it gets to the color that you want you can press the button to confirm the color.

    Aside from being the perfect saber for combat, the RGB lightsaber features the Blaster Deflection Effects, Lock-up Effect, Flash-On-Clash Effects, Volume Adjustment, Light Effective Adjustments, Force Sound Effect, Background Music, and Smooth Swing Effect with an in-hilt recharge port. However, it doesn’t have the scrolling effect, drag, and tip melt like the Neopixel sabers.

    All of our lightsabers are worth buying. If you are intending to buy a saber for practice and combat purposes, you must get the RGB saber. One big advantage of RGB sabers is that they are affordably priced. The lightsaber and its parts and accessories are less expensive compared to Neopixel sabers. This makes it easier for someone to try out lightsaber dueling without necessarily spending too much. These are great sabers for beginners especially those who want to engage in duels. RGB sabers are simple and user-friendly with a one-button operation. Also, it has an easy in-hilt recharge port, therefore, there is no need to remove the battery when charging.