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Sci fic Sword

Star Wars is the best sci-fiction series in the Hollywood industry. The sci-fiction swords used in Star Wars, also known as lightsabers, are the most-wanted weapon among Disney fans. Now getting such dueling lightsabers are possible. Zia Sabers sells lightsabers with a sci-fiction theme making you look like an elegant fighter in a more civilized age.

Customizable Sci fic Swords

Customize your Sci fic lightsabers the way you like them with our 12 preset color options, custom hilts, premium sounds, tons of effects, and many more. Experience the becoming of a true Jedi Knight with Zia Sabers custom lightsabers.

FAQs about Sci Fi Sword

You can build a lightsaber with a plasma blade. However, it is scientifically impossible for the blades to cut everything. The plasma needs time to transfer heat to the object, and even then, it will melt it, not cut it. You can get a lightsaber replica at Zia Sabers. You can also follow this guide to learn how to build your own lightsaber.

Disney recently announced a lightsaber that is as real as Star Wars lightsabers. However, this lightsaber is not for sale. You can get lightsaber replicas at Zia Sabers.

At Zia Sabers, you get a universe of lightsabers ranging from $50 to $600 depending upon the qualities and features.

The best lightsaber Zia Saber has so far will only cost you $600 at most.

In Star Wars, the bronze-colored lightsaber is considered the rarest, but not at Zia Sabers. You can search and find any lightsaber you want at Zia Sabers.