Skywalker Lightsabers

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Skywalker Lightsaber

The Skywalkers are the most popular family in Star Wars. Their lightsabers are also the most wanted lightsabers in the Star Wars community. Zia Sabers, make sure you get your dueling lightsabers at reasonable prices. We at Zia Sabers categorize all the Skywalker lightsaber under one category for the convenience of the fans.

Custom Lightsabers

You can get all the Skywalker lightsaber, especially the blue Skywalker lightsaber replica, but the customization is the speciality of Zia Sabers. If you prefer customization to your Skywalker lightsaber, you are at the right place. You can choose the hilt, a Neopixel blade, advanced features, and lightsaber accessories.

FAQs about Skywalker Lightsabers

The blue lightsaber used by Rey was not her own. It once belonged to Anakin Skywalker, who turned to the Dark side and lost his blue lightsaber during his fight against Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan gave it to Luke Skywalker many years later, who also lost it against Darth Vader, and Rey got her hands on it one generation later.

The blue lightsaber was used by three Skywalkers of three different generations. So it is also called Skywalker lightsaber.

Rey buried the lightsaber to honor both her teachers, Leia and Luke Skywalker. She also buried the lightsabers to honor the end of the Skywalker legacy.

Rey was holding a yellow blade Standard lightsaber while she buried the blue lightsabers of the twin Skywalkers. Her yellow lightsaber might represent her connection with both Jedis and Sith lords, but it also meant a new beginning of yet another story in the Star Wars Galaxy.