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Star Wars blasters

Not every lightsaber or Star Wars blaster you get from online stores is reliable enough to resist heavy dueling. That is why we at Zia Sabers work to provide our customers what they actually want. Our Star Wars Blaster lightsabers are unbreakable and completely safe to go Jedi Hardcore mode in a friendly duel.

Zia Sabers Customizable Blaster lightsabers 

The best thing about Zia Sabers lightsabers is their customizable features. Build your own lightsabers at Zia Sabers, and we will customize the parts for you. You can read the How to build lightsaber guide for an overview. You get the option of 12 preset colors, including purple, green, red, and even white color. Other features include fast charging, premium sound effects, and tons of more.

FAQs about Star Wars Blasters

There are tons of Star Wars blasters and lightsabers. You may go directly to all types of lightsabers for details.

All the lightsabers at Zia Sabers are perfect for heavy dueling. Our lightsabers blades are made of polycarbonate material that is perfectly safe and unbreakable material.

Zia Sabers is the best custom Saber shop that makes the best battle-ready lightsabers.

There are seven lightsaber combat forms that Jedis and Sith lords use to fight against the enemy. For In-depth details, go to Lightsaber combat forms.