Star Wars Weapons

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Star Wars Weapons

Lightsabers are the perfect Star Wars weapons, the weapon of a Jedi, an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Every fan desire to get their hand on the perfect Star Wars weapon. Now you can. Zia Sabers provides you a universe of the collection of this Star Wars weapon, also known as dueling lightsaber, with tons of lightsaber accessories. 

Custom Star Was Weapons

Any colored lightsaber at Zia Sabers, be it Green Lightsaber, Black Lightsaber, or any other Star Wars weapon, is totally customizable. You can choose the hilt that matches your favorite Jedi. The blades come in 12 blazing preset colors. With the long-lasting battery, you can continue the Jedi-Sith battle with your friend all day long.

FAQs about Star Wars Weapons

You will find many weapons in Star Wars, such as blasters, swords, axes, and the best lightsabers. Get your favorite lightsaber at Zia Sabers.

Yes! We see droids, clones, and troopers using guns and many projectile weapons in Star Wars. However, Jedis prefer lightsaber which you can get right now at Zia Sabers.

We see Clones have bad accuracy because they have weak eyesight. Droids usually fought against the Jedis, who could deflect the bullets.

Yes! Many armies and different races are seen using swords. Although, the Jedis prefer to use lightsabers.