Training Lightsaber

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Every Jedi was once a youngling who was training with a training lightsaber. If you are getting started, or your kid is a beginner, training lightsaber is the real lightsaber for you guys. Zia Sabers categorized the training lightsabers for the new younglings to buy to their taste and get started. Zia Sabers understands the importance of a safe and effective training tool for beginners. Therefore, our training lightsabers are designed with durability and safety in mind, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of practice while minimizing the risk of injury. These lightsabers often feature softer blades and lighter materials, making them easier for young or inexperienced users to handle. 

Customizable Training lightsabers

The best thing about training lightsabers at Zia Sabers is their customizable features. Build your lightsabers for your youngling, and we will customize the parts. You can read the How to Build Lightsaber guide for an overview. You can choose 12 preset colors, including purple, green, red, and even white. Other features include fast charging, premium sound effects, and more.   Zia Sabers offers a truly personalized approach to crafting training lightsabers, making it possible for every young Jedi to begin their training with a saber that feels uniquely theirs. The wide range of colors and customizable options ensures that each lightsaber can reflect the personality and preferences of its wielder.  

FAQs about Training Lightsaber

If you want a lightsaber for training, the best option would be to buy a training lightsaber at Zia Sabers and get started with the Jedi training.

A lightsaber training involves swift body movements. So, yes, it is a good workout. Learn the basic form of lightsaber to get the initial training.

The commonly used colors for training lightsabers at Jedi academy are blue and green. Although, you can get any color you want at Zia Sabers.

Younglings' training lightsabers emit a blade, but it is completely safe. The blade it emits does not cut anything.

The lightsabers younglings use for training are not their own. The Jedi academy has the training lightsabers in their possession, which they use to train the younglings.