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Ultra Saber

You may have heard of the Ultra Saber lightsabers sold by our competitor. Perhaps you have been comparing our products as you look through both stores. Today we are going to compare and contrast one of our products, the Kalkye Silver Lightsaber, with one of their similarly priced products, the Sentinel v5.

Ultra Sabers FAQs

We have spent some time going over the specs of this ultra lightsaber. It is powered by four AAA batteries. These channel energy into a Seoul P4 or LED Engin High Powered LED. The push-button switch is guarded to avoid accidentally switching the blade off. Their UltraBlade is made of polycarbonate material, and the pommel is removable. The hilt is crafted out of aluminum.

While we cannot tell you about the secret material our hilts are made of, you should be aware that our polycarbonate blades are duel grade, meaning they are designed for dueling. Each of our lightsabers comes with a flash on clash feature and premium sound when the blades make contact. Perhaps the place where ZIA Sabers stand out most of all is the power source. Our lightsabers are fully rechargeable with a lightning charger included with every purchase.

If you like changing out a bunch of batteries every time your blade starts to dim, you can go ahead and use an Ultra Saber. With ZIA Sabers, however, all you have to do is plug in your lightning charger and you will be all set. It is also worth noticing that the Ultra Sabers blades are only polycarbonate, whereas ZIA Sabers are duel grade polycarbonate. Perhaps Ultra Sabers polycarbonate is suitable for dueling, but do you really want to go through the effort to find out from them? Every single blade that you can get from ZIA sabers is guaranteed to be able to withstand the most intense duels, even if you are a Jedi Master or a Sith Lord. The most amazing thing about ZIA lightsabers, however, is our infinite blade color possibilities. Your blade can change its hue as your alignment with the force shifts. If you dabble in the dark side of the Force for a little while, your blade may turn a brilliant red. If you are devoted to the Jedi path, you may find your blade serves you better as a green or blue color. Maybe you find yourself walking the path of the Grey Jedi and your blade changes to purple like Mace Windu's or white like Ahsoka Tano's. We can accomplish this with an advanced RGB LED emitter that allows you to create any color on the spectrum. This is why you can only find the best lightsaber at ZIA.