Viking Lightsaber

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Viking Lightsaber

A lightsaber that looks like a Viking's sword? Yes! You can get such weapons now at Zia Sabers. We have a category of Viking lightsabers with special designs and themes that match the Vikings' weapons. You will get lightsaber replicas with Viking design hilts and a lot more.

Customizable Viking lightsaber

Not just the Viking design, you also get the option to customize your own lightsaber at Zia Saber's online shop. Imagine a Viking lightsaber with purple color? We provide tons of options and features in a custom lightsaber allowing the buyer to feel like crafting his lightsaber and feel like a true Jedi Knight and a Viking.

FAQs about Viking Lightsabers

Real retractable lightsaber needs a 7000 C°+ plasma blade which is extremely dangerous to play around with. Retractable lightsabers at Zia Sabers are perfectly safe lightsaber replicas and feel very real.

An illuminated blade uncoils itself from the emitter of the hilt just by pushing a button on the hilt.

Zia Sabers are known for quality and affordable rates. So, Zia Sabers is the best lightsaber company, according to me. You can visit their Lightsaber Replicas to find out for yourself.

Kylo Ren's lightsaber and his Sith abilities make him the best duelist in Star Wars.