White Lightsaber

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    White Lightsaber

    Lightsabers come in a variety of different colors depending on who is using them, but one of the rarest is a white lightsaber. When a Force-user wields a lightsaber, the Kyber crystal that powers the blade absorbs that user's force energy, causing it to take on a color that reflects its wielder's alignment with the force. So what would lead to a lightsaber being white?

    You Can Wield a Custom White Lightsaber

    Any lightsaber you purchase from ZIA Sabers has infinite color customization potential, allowing you to wield a red blade like the Sith, a green or blue blade like the Jedi, or even create a color shade that has never been used before. If you choose a white blade, you would be emulating the path of only one Force-user in history, Ahsoka Tano.

    Ahsoka Tano was a prodigy in the force, but she did not always wield a lightsaber with white blade. From a young age, her skills were so advanced that she was selected to be Anakin Skywalker's padawan at only 14 years old. Through the Clone Wars, her heroics alongside Anakin and the 501st legion of Clone Troopers led to many victories for the republic.

    Later on in the Clone Wars, Ahsoka was falsely accused of a bomb threat on Coruscant. While she was eventually acquitted after her role in unveiling the real traitor, she could never trust the Jedi Order after that. She helped the Jedi capture Darth Maul later in the Clone Wars but refused to rejoin their ranks.

    Ahsoka left the Jedi order, though she still carried her green lightsabers for a while. Eventually, she abandoned those lightsabers to symbolize her splitting off from the Jedi. Years later, Ahsoka faced down a Sith Inquisitor and defeated him using only her powers in the Force. When she took the Kyber crystal from his lightsaber, she purified it and infused it with her own energy. This resulted in the white-colored blade she is seen using through Star Wars Rebels.

    Ahsoka stayed on a path of virtue, yet she rejected the principles of the Jedi. Her white lightsaber signified that she was not a part of the Jedi any longer. A White lightsaber blade means you are a Grey Jedi, not giving yourself to either the light or dark side of the Force, but choosing instead to walk a middle path.

    The white lightsaber blade is very unusual, but the power is not so much in the blade itself as what it represents. If you wield a white lightsaber, your alignment with the force will allow you to use both light and dark side powers.