Working Lightsaber

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Working Lightsabers

Looking for the amazing working lightsabers replicas at affordable rates? You are in the right place. The working lightsabers are quite unique from other series of Star Wars lightsabers, and quite difficult to find a quality one in the market. Zia Sabers provides you with the real Working lightsabers, including other lightsabers at our custom Saber shop.

Customizable Rebel Sabers

The working lightsabers can be found at the Zia Sabers store with built-in features. However, you also have the option to customize them to your taste. Imagine Darth Sidious's red blade emitting from Crossguard lightsaber hilt. Yes! That is possible at our store. You can also 12 preset colors with our Neopixel lightsabers with tons of lightsabers effects.

FAQs about Working Lightsabers

Disney recently announced a real-working lightsaber. It does emit a blade-like real lightsaber. It won't cut through things, but it is real in every other aspect. You can also explore the Zia Sabers store for working lightsabers.

The world has been trying to make a real working lightsaber, but it is not scientifically possible. However, there are lightsabers that emit the blade exactly like Star Wars lightsabers. You can explore Zia Sabers store and find out something special.

The real working lightsaber that Disney has made is not for sale. However, you can check out the Zia Sabers store and find some amazing collections of working lightsabers.

Apparently yes! If you keep the parts separate, you can take it on a plane. However, Disney also ships to your address. For a deeper understanding, read this out Traveling with a lightsaber.