Xenopixel Lightsaber

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Xenopixel Lightsabers

ZIA Sabers is proud to introduce our Xenopixel lightsaber collection - the most budget-friendly Neopixel lightsabers. Get into the amazing features of our Xenopixel lightsaber. It’s everything you need for a Star Wars movie-like saber experience - fully customized features, varied sound effects and blade styles, Smooth Swing, Scroll, and many more. These are great sabers if you wish to upgrade to a Neopixel saber from your current RGB lightsaber.

Go Big And Save More With ZIA Sabers Xenopixels

Star Wars fans have always dreamed of owning a lightsaber and holding it in their hands.  If you are looking at purchasing one of our lightsabers, something with superior features and can handle hard impact for lightsaber dueling but consider the price – The Xenopixel is the right one for you! It’s an all-in, complete Neopixel lightsaber that comes with a variety of sound fonts and lighting effects. The impressive scrolling effect and the immersive smooth swing of Xenopixel are comparable to Proffie sabers. Xenopixel is truly is the best saber for those who wish to have the Proffie features, have no intent on customizing it, and want to save.

FAQs about Xenopixel Lightsabers

Xenopixel is the latest lightsaber technology. The Xenopixel is compatible with Neopixel lightsaber blades. This also has a series of pins on its hilt that connects to the disc of the Neopixel blade to provide the necessary electrical contacts. A Xenopixel saber has all the sound and blade effects of a Proffie saber.

Xenopixel saber stands at par with Proffie saber. It creates brighter and more uniform blade color than the RGB saber and has the features and capabilities of a Proffie saber. The Xenopixel can divide the control of the Neopixel strip into several segments to create scrolling, drag, tip melt, and other effects. Xenopixel is also gesture-orientated and has a sensitive Smooth Swing.

All of our lightsabers are constructed with durable polycarbonate blades that can be used for lightsaber duels and any lightsaber combat style. Xenopixel sabers can withstand heavy impact. With its amazing features and duel-capability, Xenopixel sabers give you more fun with your saber combat.

The main limitation of Xenopixel is the modifiability of some soundboard settings. With Xenopixel, you can add new sound fonts, however, the blade styles are built-in and non-customizable. The Xenopixel board is configured for certain blade styles, and you can't add or customize it.