Yellow Lightsaber

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Yellow Lightsaber

Yellow lightsabers were not seen in the main Star Wars movies until Rey began using her yellow lightsaber at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. Rey's lightsaber is unique and deserves mention, but it is not the first time a yellow blade has ever been used. During the era of the Old Republic, yellow lightsabers were commonplace in the Jedi Order, though they fell out of use later on, during the Clone Wars.

Using a Custom Yellow Lightsaber

If you believe a custom yellow lightsaber is right for you, you can make it a reality with ZIA Sabers. This is because all of our sabers have infinite color settings, allowing you to customize your weapon to have any color. You could even wield a saber of an immaculate golden hue, or perhaps you prefer to match the exact color of Rey's lightsaber. Before you make this decision, you should understand more about yellow lightsabers.

Before Rey used her famous lightsaber with yellow blade, there were a few Force-users of note who wielded yellow lightsabers. During the age of the New Republic, an impulsive Jedi named Ganner Rhysode wielded a yellow lightsaber. During the Old Republic, Jedi Sentinels marked their style by using yellow lightsabers

In the Jedi Order, Guardians were those who specialized in lightsaber combat, while Consulars were more adept in the use of Force powers. Guardians wielded blue lightsaber, while Consulars wielded green ones. Those who took a balanced study of lightsaber combat and Force abilities were called Sentinels, and they represented their roles with yellow lightsabers.

The meaning of a yellow lightsaber can be hard to pin down in a few words, but as these were used by Jedi Sentinels, they seem to indicate balance and practicality. Rey's yellow lightsaber may indicate that she struck out on a new path different from the famous Jedi heroes before her, while still showing that she is fully a part of the Jedi.

The color of your lightsaber will ultimately be up to you, but if you have your own path of balancing light and dark, yet still call yourself a Jedi, a yellow saber may be a good fit. If you want an even mixture of Force powers and saber skills in your combat style, you could indicate this with a yellow lightsaber. Ultimately, however, you will probably avoid a yellow lightsaber if you are a Sith.

It is amazing how Rey manages to rise to such incredible feats so quickly. However, her yellow lightsaber is more representative of her unique journey. What really made Rey so powerful was her potent bloodline and her connection to all of the past Jedi who ever lived.