New Star Wars High Republic Lightsaber Colors, Meanings and Review

The high Republic era took place approximately 800 years after the fall of the Old Galactic Republic and almost 200 years before the original trilogy took place. The High Republic lightsabers era is considered the Golden era, and the Jedi Order was at its peak. 

We had only heard of this event, but the recent book series “ Star Wars: The High Republic.” unveiled the secrets and stories of that era. Other than stories, the book introduced us to amazing Jedis of the High Republic and their unique lightsabers.  

The High Republic is an ancient era, and the officials made sure the appearance and the designs of the lightsabers followed that ancient theme of the High Republic. These lightsabers are nothing like the modern lightsaber. The High Republic lightsaber hilts had such designs we had not seen anywhere before. So, let’s have a quick look at some of the most famous Star Wars High Republic lightsabers. 

The Stallion Gios Lightsaber

Stallion Gios is a Jedi Master who lived during the era of the High Republic. The Jedi were at their peak and controlling the Galaxy. Stallion Gios began serving the Republic when he was young. 

He became a Jedi Padawan of Master Rana Kant at an early age and started learning the ways of the Jedi. He served as a Jedi Knight and the Jedi Master during his service.   

Stallion Gios’s lightsaber is one of the most unique, even in the old republic lightsabers. This lightsaber first appeared in “Star Wars: Lightsaber Collection.” a novel released in 2020. It was a Crossguard lightsaber, just like Kylo Ren’s lightsaber but more unique. 

The Crossguards of Stallion’s cylindrical hilt was just below the emitter and was able to push inward or outward. While igniting this lightsaber, the Crossguard opens up to assist the two quillons of the Crossguard lightsaber. 

These Crossguards would go back to their closed position after turning OFF the lightsaber.  The Stallion Gios lightsaber was longer than the average lightsaber. It was a heavy lightsaber, and he used both hands to wield it properly.

Overall, the Stallion Gios lightsaber is exceptional, and such a mechanically advanced High Republic lightsaber hilt is unseen even in the modern age of the New Republic.  

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Orla Jareni’s Hinged double-bladed Lightsaber

Orla Jareni was a Jedi Knight of the High Republic. She served the Jedi Order for some time but declared herself a Wayseeker. A person who keeps himself independent from the Jedi Order’s code and regulations is called a Wayseeker. He does things in his own way. You may know these Jedis as the Grey Jedis in the movies.  

Orla Jareni wielded one of the unique lightsabers of all the high Republic and the Old Republic lightsabers. She wielded a white blade lightsaber, which reminds us of Ahsoka Tano, but her lightsaber type was different than Ahsoka’s.  

Orla Jareni wielded a hinged double-bladed lightsaber, also famous as the switch lightsaber. This type of Old Republic lightsaber enabled Orla Jareni to fold the hilt of her double-bladed lightsaber. This function enabled her to use both lightsaber blades in a parallel direction. As you know, a Jedi Master, Pong Krell, wielded a similar Switch lightsaber during the Clone Wars. 

Ty Yorrick Claw Lightsaber 

Ty Yorrick was a female Force-User who did not work for the Jedi Order of the High Republic in her early days. The novel explains that she had an unknown but somewhat dark past. She began working with the Jedi Master Stallion Gios and became a part of the Jedi Order.  

Ty Yorrick wielded an elegant lightsaber with a beautiful design. She wielded one of the unique High Republic lightsaber hilts. Her lightsaber’s hilt had big claws right on top of the emitter. Plus, the rare purple color of her lightsaber added to the fascinating appearance of her lightsaber. 

After turning the lightsaber ON, it looked like the big claws were holding on to the blazing purple lightsaber. The likes of this lightsaber are unseen in the New and the Old Republic lightsabers.

Darth Krall Lightsaber

Darth Krall was a male Sith Lord who existed during the era of the High Republic. He was one of the “lost twenty.” Jedi Masters. These Jedi masters forgot the vows of the Jedi Order and turned to the Dark Side of the Force throughout history.

Darth Krall appeared in the Book “Dooku: The Jedi Lost.” released in 2019. Darth Krall wielded a single-bladed cylindrical hilt red lightsaber. It was an average hilt of all the high republic lightsaber hilts, but the golden color and slanted emitter of the hilt are very rare in even the new Republic. After his death, Darth Krall’s lightsaber was preserved in the Dark relics archives of the Jedi temple.

All High Republic Lightsabers List

These are some of the famous high republic lightsabers with even primitive designs of the old Republic lightsabers. However, this is not it. I have prepared a list of all the High Republic lightsabers of characters introduced in the book series of the High Republic era. The list is as follows:   

High Republic Lightsaber

 Master Yoda lightsaber 

Ty Yorrick lightsaber  

Bell Zettifar lightsaber

 Torban Buck lightsaber

 Imri Cantaros lightsaber 

Farzala lightsaber Stellan

Gios lightsaber  

Lahru lightsaber

 Loden Greatstorm lightsaber

 Ram Jomaram lightsaber

 Adampo lightsaber

 Qort lightsaber

 Vernestra “Vern” Rwoh lightsaber 

Teri Rosason lightsaber

 Dez Rydan lightsaber 

 Burryaga Agaburry lightsaber 

 Arkoff lightsaber

 Te’Ami lightsaber

  Orla Jareni lightsaber

  Rana Kant lightsaber

 Darth Krall lightsaber (appears in visions to Keeve Trennis) 

Jora Malli lightsaber (no lightsaber image)

 Elzar Mann lightsaber 

Keaton Murag lightsaber

 Sean lightsaber 

Reath Silas lightsabe

r Ry Ki Sakka lightsaber 

Sskeer lightsaber 

Emerick Caphtor lightsaber 

Ada-Li Carro lightsaber 

Ceret lightsaber

 Porter Engle lightsaber 

Indeera Stokes lightsaber

 Ady Sun’Zee lightsaber

 Mikkel Sutmani lightsaber

  Kantam Sy lightsaber  

Lula Talisola lightsaber

 Lily Tora-Asi lightsabers

  Klias Teradine lightsaber

 Terec lightsaber 

Keeve Trennis lightsaber

 Pra-Tre Veter lightsaber

 We do not have much to explain about most of these characters and their old republic lightsabers. But, we can only hope that more books or series may air in the future and allow us to entertain ourselves with these amazing lightsabers. If you are looking for the most realistic High Republic lightsabers replica, Click on and dive into the universe of infinite lightsabers including the high Republic and the Old Republic lightsabers. 

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