Double Bladed Lightsaber

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    Double Blade Lightsaber

    A double blade lightsaber is a type of lightsaber that typically had a longer hilt and emits blades out of both ends. This creates a weapon that functions similarly to a staff, and thus this weapon is also sometimes referred to as a saberstaff. Darth Maul famously wielded a double blade lightsaber throughout his lifetime. His first one was destroyed by Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Battle of Naboo, but he rebuilt it during the Clone Wars.

    Dual Lightsabers from ZIA Sabers

    You can be just like Darth Maul when you wield dual lightsabers from ZIA Sabers. You can use our color customization RGB LED technology to use any color you want. You could have a yellow saberstaff like Bastila from the Old Republic, a red one like Darth Maul, or even a blue one like Exar Kun. If you want to use this advanced weapon, you must first hone your skills in lightsaber combat. It also helps to know a little more about dual lightsabers and their history.

    Custom Dual Lightsabers FAQs

    The first custom dual lightsabers we see used in the Star Wars universe were created by Exar Kun, a terribly powerful dark lord of the Sith. However, Exar Kun used information contained within a Sith holocron to craft his unique double-bladed lightsaber, indicating that in ancient times, other Sith may have used similar weapons. An interesting thing about this weapon is that Exar Kun chose to keep the Kyber crystals he had used as a Jedi, making him one of the only Sith to use a blue lightsaber.

    Aside from Darth Maul and Exar Kun, some others used double-bladed lightsabers. Bastila was a Jedi during the era of the Old Republic who fought with a saberstaff. During the Clone Wars, Savage Opress, Maul's brother, used a red double-bladed lightsaber. While he never quite mastered it at the level of skill of his brother, he Opress was still a formidable adversary. Asajj Ventress was able to connect her two curved lightsabers to create one saberstaff.

    While some lightsabers have unique properties that make them exceptional weapons, the most important factor is the wielder's skill. Darth Maul was so deft and tricky with his movements that he was able to best the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn using his unusual combat techniques with a saberstaff.

    All of our lightsabers are made of durable polycarbonate material. You can get into a heated combat situation with our lightsabers and they will still be ready for more

    Each of our sabers has a recharge port and comes with a lightning charger. If you keep your saber charged, you will be ready for any fight.