New Star Wars High Republic Lightsaber Colors, Meanings and Review

The high Republic era took place approximately 800 years after the fall of the Old Galactic Republic and almost 200 years before the original trilogy took place. The High Republic lightsabers era is considered the Golden era, and the Jedi Order was at its peak.  We had only heard of this event, but the recent […]

Things Will Surprise You About Proto Saber Vs Lightsaber

Proto Saber Vs Lightsaber A lightsaber is an elegant weapon used in the Star Wars galaxy. The lightsaber is famous among Star Wars fans because of its ability to cut, color, and all types. We all think there is nothing that can match the power of a lightsaber.  There is another weapon in Star Wars […]

Top 5 Kids Lightsabers From Star Wars Galaxy

Do you have small children in your family who adore Star Wars content? If so, the ideal gift for your children to receive on important occasions like Halloween or Christmas is a lightsaber toy. However, how will you determine which lightsaber toy is appropriate for your child? When making a purchase, it is imperative that […]

Top 5 Lightsaber Replicas To Unlock Your Inner Jedi-King

Top 5 Lightsaber Replicas

Detail Discussion About Top 5 Lightsaber Replicas If you are here, I can assume you are a hardcore fan of Star Wars. So, welcome to this world of Star Wars Galaxy, where you can find anything and everything about Star Wars. To become a Jedi, you must let the Force guide you to the right […]

 Top 15 Lightsaber Hilt From Star Wars Galaxy

The lightsaber is the ultimate weapon in Star Wars Galaxy. The guardians of the Galaxy, Jedi, use them for fighting, deflecting bullets, and slicing stuff. As a Star Wars fan, you may have wondered at least once about how the lightsaber works? How does a hot plasma blade come out of its handle? What keeps it all […]

Top 5 Star Wars Visions Lightsabers Ranked Best to Worst

Star Wars: Visions is the only series that is produced with a unique Japanese Anime-type theme. This 2D animated Star Wars series is not canon and does not flow with the main stories of Star Wars. However, Star Wars: Visions is one of the best series out there, with every episode focusing on different characters […]

 Fun Fact And Storey Behind Anakin Lightsaber Episode 2

The original trilogy did not gain as much fame until its prequels were launched. The prequels of Star Wars featured some important events like Clone Wars, The Great Jedi Purge, how Anakin became Darth Vader, etc. The Star Wars prequels trilogy is still considered the best trilogy ever produced by Lucasfilms.   While all the events […]

All You Need To Know About The Lightsaber Duels Wii

We have been watching Star Wars movies and series since our childhood. It has become an important part of our life. Since our childhood, every fan has dreamt of becoming a Jedi, wielding a lightsaber, and experiencing a lightsaber duel. But, a fantasy can only be applied a little to reality. Luckily, we live in […]

Top Six Hand-built Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lightsabers

Top Galaxy Edge Lightsabers is one of the best visiting places you ever get to visit these days. You will find the Galaxy’s Edge section at Disney World and Walt Disney World. It is a theme park for Star Wars Galaxy. You get to experience the surroundings of Star Wars. You can buy Star Wars […]

Top 3 Legacy Lightsabers from Galaxy Star Wars Best For Dueling

You may have bought and played with many lightsabers till now, but there is nothing compared to the legacy lightsabers. The legacy lightsabers are officially licensed lightsabers Disney created themselves. They developed replicas of famous characters’ lightsabers with precise details and quality material. But, where can you get them? Now we will discuss about Top 3 […]